Connecticut State Data Plan

Phase 1 Draft

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The State Data Plan is not just an open data plan but applicable to all data in the custody and control of state agencies. The plan is required to be developed in accordance with Public Act 18-175 . Specifically the Act requires that the state data plan shall:
  • establish management and data analysis standards across all executive branch agencies,
  • include specific, achievable goals within the two years following adoption of such plan, as well as longer term goals,
  • make recommendations to enhance standardization and integration of data systems and data management practices across all executive branch agencies,
  • provide a timeline for a review of any state or federal legal concerns or other obstacles to the internal sharing of data among agencies, including security and privacy concerns, and
  • set goals for improving the open data repository.
An initial draft of the plan is due on or before November 1, 2018 with a final plan due December 31, 2018. The plan is required to be updated every two years thereafter.
Once final, information technology actions of affected state agencies are required to be consistent with the plan. Further, the Chief Data Officer is required to establish procedures for each affected agency to reports on the agency’s progress toward achieving the goals articulated in the plan.
Feedback on the Phase 1 Draft is welcome and will be accepted until August 24.
About the Process
The plan will be developed iteratively, in phases, each with an opportunity for both public and agency input.
Phase 1: Release and feedback on a broad set of Principles and Goals to guide the development of the plan and establish a vision for improving the management, use, and sharing of data for state agencies. Additionally, this phase includes several Focal Points or areas where the state should focus its efforts for the initial 2 year period that the plan will cover.
Phase 2: Finalize state data plan Principles and add more specific actions under each principle that will assist in guiding agency actions. Finalize the overarching Goals and supplement with more specific measurable objectives that will advance each goal. Finalize Focal Points and supplement with additional steps to help advance implementation. Collect feedback from both the public and state agencies.
Phase 3: Present a draft of the state data plan for review and feedback from the Data Analysis Technology Advisory board established pursuant to Public Act 18-175


The Principles are a intended to serve as the foundation of the plan and will help guide state agencies. Once finalized, these principles will be supplemented with more specific actions.Your feedback will help us improve them!

Focal Points

The Focal Points are suggested areas to focus state agency efforts to integrate and analyze data to improve outcomes. In Phase 2 these will be supplemented with additional actions and steps to advance these areas. Your feedback will help us refine these and make sure we're focused on important areas!


The state data plan is required to include specific, achievable goals within the two years following its adoption, as well as longer term goals. These are suggested high level goals that will ultimately be supplemented with specific metrics. Your feedback will help make sure we're on the right track.


You can download a printable version of the plan if you prefer and submit your comments via email, or simply use the form below.
The deadline to submit feedback on Phase 1 is August 24th.
While all feedback is welcome, during this phase we prefer feedback to be limited to the Principles, Focal Points, and Goals. We want to ensure that the foundation of the plan is solid, such that the actions specified during Phase 2 help advance the broad pieces outlined here. Feedback may be submitted using the form below or via email

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