COVID-19 in Congregate Settings

Several Connecticut state agencies are providing data on the impact of COVID-19 in congregate settings, including the Department of Public Health (DPH), the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Department of Correction (DOC) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF). A congregate setting is an environment where a group of people reside, meet, or gather in close proximity for either a limited or extended period of time. Examples include long-term care facilities, schools, and prisons. Learn more about the data being provided by state agencies below; education data can be viewed here.

Nursing Homes

Data on COVID-19 in nursing homes is being provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The Nursing Home COVID-19 Public File includes data reported by nursing homes to the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) system COVID-19 Long Term Care Facility Module, including Resident Impact, Facility Capacity, Staff & Personnel, and Supplies & Personal Protective Equipment, and Ventilator Capacity and Supplies Data Elements. 
The CMS Nursing Home COVID-19 Public File, filtered for Connecticut facilities, is available at the link below:
Archival data on nursing home residents through June is posted at: 

Assisted Living Facilities

The Department of Public Health published data on COVID-19 in assisted living facilities in Connecticut. Data on the weekly and cumulative number of residents and staff with confirmed COVID-19 and COVID-19 associated deaths was reported by individual assisted living facilities to the Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan web-based reporting system. View the dataset on COVID-19 in Connecticut assisted living facilities at the link below:

Department of Developmental Services Providers

The Department of Developmental Services reported data on COVID-19 cases, associated deaths, and recoveries among DDS individuals and staff by DDS provider. View DDS data from April 2020-April 2023 at the link below:

Department of Correction Facilities

The Department of Correction reported data on COVID-19 in Connecticut correctional facilities, including the number of COVID-19 cases, associated deaths, recoveries, and the number of individuals housed at a medical isolation unit. View the dataset from April 2020-June 2023 at the link below:

Department of Children and Families

The Department of Children and Families is reporting data on entry and exit for DCF placements, by age and race / ethnicity. While this does not directly report COVID-19 cases, the impact of COVID-19 can be observed in the trends for entry to and exit from placement. View the dataset at the link below:

Browse the data

View datasets about COVID-19 in congregate settings in Connecticut on the Open Data Portal here.