Formal Enforcement Case Summaries

Formal enforcement summaries provide a brief description of violations, civil penalties and/or supplemental environmental projects, as appropriate, and a link to the enforcement document.

In the past, DEEP has included administrative consent orders when providing enforcement summaries. Since 2019, DEEP has included the following formal enforcement actions in addition to consent orders: cease and desist orders, unilateral orders, and stipulated judgments. Since 2022, DEEP lists all formal enforcement actions, including consent orders, unilateral orders (includes cease and desist and red tags), penalty notices, stipulated judgements, asset forfeitures, contempt orders, federal consent decrees, federal court orders, settlement agreements, and state court orders on the CT Open Data Portal. Use filters such as town, date, or program for reviewing the data.
Red Tags orders are administered by our DEEP UST Enforcement and can be found separately on the CT Open Data Portal. In the CT Open Data Portal, go to Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) - Enforcement Summary,, select view data and filter by type.
For further information on a formal enforcement action, please contact the Office of Planning and Program Development (OPPD) at

Formal Enforcement Case Summaries 1999-2021

Formal Enforcement Case Summaries 2021-Present