Delinquent Referrals in Connecticut

When police arrest a youth under 18 in connection with a suspected crime, officers will issue a juvenile summons and prepare an arrest report that describes the incident, lists the charges, and specifies a court appearance date which includes a promise to appear signed by the juvenile's parent or guardian. This is known as a delinquent referral. Delinquent referrals mark the starting point of a case in Connecticut's juvenile justice system, which is administered by the Judicial Branch.

A summary of delinquent referrals to court statewide over time, showing quarterly amounts by race & ethnic categories. Counts include both juvenile males and females receiving referrals.

*Other comprises Native American/Alaskan Native, Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Delinquent Referrals & Equity

The dashboard below presents further detail about delinquent referrals by race and ethnicity. Using the dropdowns, results can be shown per single or multi-year time periods, across gender categories, and displayed either statewide or by selecting a town.
*Other comprises Native American/Alaskan Native, Asian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.
Hovering the mouse over dashboard items will provide additional details about the specific data being viewed.
Note: To better protect the privacy of individuals represented within this data, any results with fewer than six referrals per a race, ethnicity or gender category will not be shown. For this reason, as well as the variation in referral volume over time, we recommend selecting the Five-Year Total in the Select Period dropdown for the most complete view of town-specific data  

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