Census Tracts Identified for PA 23-205

PA 23-205 Section 101 established a grant program with the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) to fund eligible projects within designated census tracts that are defined as "high poverty, low opportunity" where 30% or more of the residents have incomes below the federal poverty line. 
The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) identified the qualifying tracts and the municipalities in which they are located. The tracts are available on the Connecticut Open Data Portal in two datasets: 
The map below displays the identified tracts and a count of identified tracts by town. Use the buttons labeled "Towns" and "Tracts" to see town-level or tract-level data.

How were the eligible census tracts identified?

The qualifying census tracts were identified using the 2021 five-year United States Census Bureau American Community Survey. The census tracts were then mapped to the corresponding town using a crosswalk developed by the CT Data Collaborative
The data pertains to people whose "poverty status can be determined." The Census Bureau does not determine poverty status for people in Institutional Group Quarters, College Dormitories, Military Barracks, or Living Situations without Conventional Housing. More information on how the Census Bureau calculates poverty can be found here
The Office of Policy and Management will update this resource as needed.