CT Open Data Portal Site Analytics

The CT Open Data Portal makes data from state agencies publicly available in machine-readable format to increase government transparency, drive efficiencies, and spark innovation.
This page highlights information about assets published on the Open Data Portal, including the types of assets and the number of views and downloads of data on the Portal. 

What kind of assets are on the CT Open Data Portal?

The table below shows the count of public assets by type (e.g. dataset, federated datasets (federated_href), external dataset (href), file, map, or data story), as well as the cumulative number of visits and downloads. Note that the information on visits and downloads does not include assets that have been retired from the Open Data Portal. 

What are the most popular assets on the Portal in the last 30 days?

The charts below highlight the assets with the most traffic in the last 30 days, listed by views, downloads, API reads, and story views. Use the filter for each chart to change the time period.

See more data on site analytics 

Detailed information about site analytics for the CT Open Data Portal are available in the following datasets:
  1. Open data by agency