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Connecticut Business Registrations

The Office of the Secretary of the State publishes data from the Connecticut Business Registry on the CT Open Data Portal. This data includes all domestic (formed in Connecticut) and foreign (formed outside of Connecticut) entities on record. This page provides access to the business registration data and highlights trends in business registrations in Connecticut. 

Business Registration by Month

The chart below shows business formations and registrations by month for the past 48 months. Tap a bar to drill down by business type (LLC, Corp., etc.) and citizenship (domestic or foreign). 

Business Overview

The chart on the left shows all active businesses in the state by type. "Active" means the business is in active status with the Secretary of the State.  
The chart on the right, shows all business formations and registrations during the preceding month. A "formation" is a business created in CT.  A "registration" is a business created outside of CT that is now doing business here.  
The map below shows businesses by town. It displays only domestic (formed in CT) businesses reporting a primary business address in Connecticut. 

Businesses by Industry

Beginning in 2020, Connecticut business were required to report their North American Industry Code Standard (NAICS) code describing the principal purpose of the business. The chart below displays the most popular NAICS codes for those businesses that have reported one. banner logo

Search the Connecticut Business Registry 

Business records can be filed and searched on There you can search business records by business name, address, city, agent or principal name, etc.

Access the data