Connecticut received $2.8B in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) State Fiscal Recovery Funding from the United States Treasury Department (UST) to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds provide Connecticut with an unprecedented opportunity to expand programs supporting disproportionately impacted groups and to enact innovative programs grounded in evidence. The UST has outlined the specific ways funds can be used and at the close of the last Legislative Session, the state Legislature appropriated the remaining funds in PA 23-204, Sec. 48.
The dashboard provides details about Connecticut's ARPA investments in four ways. The first tab provides project level details on Connecticut's ARPA funded projects listed in our Annual Recovery Plan, including descriptions, performance updates (when available), and spending progress. The second tab provides that same information by agency. The third tab details the state's overall progress towards obligating and expending funds. The fourth tab lists all ARPA related projects as of PA 23-204, Sec. 48.

American Rescue Plan Act Project Inventory Dashboard:
In the dashboard below, users can navigate by selecting a focus area on the treemap in the top left corner. The ARPA projects in that focus area will appear in the top right corner. Users can click on an individual project to access the project's description and a performance update (when available) as well as the spending progress in the bottom two panes.

For dashboard methodologies see Methodological Notes.
In the event of discrepancy or issue observed in these dashboards, please contact the Data and Policy Analytics Division's Evaluation and Impact team via email at