State Data Plan - Principles

The following are a series of suggested principles intended to help guide state agencies. Once finalized, these principles will be supplemented with more specific actions. Your feedback will help us improve them!
State data assets require careful and proactive stewardship
1. Appreciate that the data we collect require a considerable investment of resources and have value beyond the purpose for which they are collected.
2. Perform continuous data quality improvement to ensure the value of data is protected and maximized
3. Ensure standardized data governance in order to protect data and improve its quality and utility.
4. Practice effective data stewardship and governance by maintaining modern data security practices, protecting individual privacy, and maintaining promised confidentiality.
5. Employ ethical standards in the use of data to avoid excessive intrusion into the lives of Connecticut residents
6. Promote a culture of continuous and collaborative learning with data and about data.
Create once use many times
7. Create, acquire, use, and disseminate data deliberately and thoughtfully, considering quality, consistency, privacy, value, reuse, and interoperability from the start.
8. Coordinate and prioritize data needs and uses, utilize data from multiple sources, and acquire new data only when necessary.
9. Manage a data asset one time and use it for multiple purposes, to the extent possible within legal and regulatory constraints
Analysis and sharing of data is necessary
10. Improve data sharing and access with ongoing input from users and other stakeholders.
11. Standardize common data elements, such as addresses, to ensure data are easily shared and analyzed.
12. Create clear and predictable pathways for data sharing which are necessary for effective data use and sharing.

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